Selin Özbahçeci  graduated in 2003 from Istanbul University Faculty Of Law and following her legal internship at Istanbul Bar Association in 2005, she started her professional law practice under Istanbul Bar Association. Selin Özbahçeci completed her Graduate Studies in Economy Law in 2008 at Istanbul Bilgi University Faculty of Law. She prepared her Master Thesis in the field of Execution and Bankruptcy Law on “Impacts of Bankruptcy Postponement Verdicts”. Having completed “Intermediation Training” at Kemerburgaz University in 2016, she is also acting as an arbitrator in settlement of disputes.

Selin Özbahçeci also provides legal advisory as well as advocacy services for real persons and corporate entities in the fields of Business Law, Family Law, Inheritance Law and Intellectual Property Law.

In addition to the above, Selin Özbahçeci has also been assisting the employers in respect of legal disputes arising between employees and employers, providing training regarding Turkish Labour Law to her domestic and multinational clients and organizing the employment cessation procedures of the employees in coordination with the management and human resources department of her clients. Mrs. Özbahçeci is fluent in English at professional level.