Özgür Özbahçeci  graduated in 2002 from Marmara University Faculty of Law and started his professional law practice after receiving his license from Istanbul Bar Association.

Özgür Özbahçeci is specialized in the fields of Family Law, Real Estate Law and Labor Law.

Özgür Özbahçeci, besides representing his clients before courts in respect of construction and real property law, is also dealing with the procedures and transactions before administrative authorities, carrying out and conducting the applications filed by his clients before institutions and managing their activities at tendering and contract execution phases. As well as providing his services in the fields of expropriation, land title disputes, confiscation suits, intrusive construction, development law and urban transformation, Özgür Özbahçeci  is also representing his clients for the legal and administrative disputes by and between his clients and the public authorities.

In addition to the foregoing, Özgür Özbahçeci is managing the entire labour law processes of his corporate clients. He is regulating the relations of the employees with their employers, providing consultancy and advocacy services for the legal entities in settlement of the legal disputes.